About Us

What is Bear Discounts?

Bear Discounts is a StEP (Student Entrepreneurial Program) business at Washington University in St. Louis. Owned and operated by two Juniors and a Sophomore, Bear Discounts serves the Washington University community through its exclusive membership program. 

Who should buy the 2017-18 card? 

Our card is perfect for anyone in the Washington University community! Faculty, staff, undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and parents alike are all welcome to purchase a Bear Discounts card to save money in St. Louis.  

Where is the 2017-18 card accepted? 

The 2017-18 card is accepted everywhere we have listed on the Discounts area of our website. We have exclusive relationships with each vendor to provide to our members various discounts and opportunities. If you ever have an issue with a vendor not honoring a discount, please contact us at beardiscounts@gmail.com.


Bear Discounts is a product available exclusively for the Washington University community. All discounts are subject to change at discretion of Bear Discounts and upon change, cardholders will be notified.